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Justin Havre

From Farm Life to Real Estate Excellence

Justin Havre’s journey from a small farm in Norway to leading the #1 team in the world with eXp Realty (Units Closed) is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and leadership. Born in a rural area near Oslo, Justin's life took a significant turn when his family immigrated to Canada when he was 13. The transition to Calgary was a daunting challenge, but it was also where Justin's resilience and work ethic were forged.

Early on, Justin’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident as he delivered newspapers and flyers before dawn. His fascination with technology naturally drew him towards the tech industry, where he developed a keen interest in digital marketing and online lead generation. This foundation in technology would later become a cornerstone of his success in real estate.

In 2005, Justin took a bold step into the real estate industry, driven by his passion for technological innovation and customer service. Together with his friend Mike Hannah, he founded the Justin Havre Real Estate Team with a vision to revolutionize the industry through digital marketing. This vision has propelled his team from a modest beginning to achieving over $4 billion in sales, a testament to the power of blending technology with real estate expertise. Justin’s leadership is characterized by his commitment to leveraging technology to enhance client relationships and improve the overall customer experience. He has been instrumental in developing online lead-generation systems that are integral to his team’s operations. Under his guidance, the team has grown not only in size but also in reputation, earning the accolade of the #1 team in the world with eXp Realty.

One of Justin’s most significant contributions to the real estate industry is his dedication to nurturing future talent. He has developed comprehensive training and development programs that have paved the way for countless successful careers in real estate. His focus on fostering growth, personal development, and practical skill-building ensures that his agents are well-equipped to adapt to changing markets and evolving consumer expectations. The creation of AgentDevelopment.com exemplifies Justin’s commitment to the industry’s longevity and sustainable success. This platform offers comprehensive support and resources to real estate professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of the industry and reach their full potential. Through this initiative, Justin shares his proven systems, frameworks, and blueprints, providing invaluable insights to fellow professionals.

Justin Havre Real Estate Team Awards in Recent 3 years include:

  • #1 eXp in the World (Units Sold)
  • #1 eXp Realty Team in Canada (Production & Units Sold)
  • #1 RE/MAX Team in Canada (Large Teams, 2022 Closed Transactions)
  • #3 RE/MAX Team in the World (Large Teams, 2022 Production)
  • #1 RE/MAX Team in Canada contributors to the Children's Miracle Network (2022)
  • #1 RE/MAX Team in Canada (Large Teams, 2021 Closed Transactions)
  • #3 RE/MAX Team in the World (Large Teams, 2021 Production)
  • #1 RE/MAX Team in Canada contributors to the Children's Miracle Network
  • #1 – Canada Transactions (Large Team, 4th consecutive year) for RE/MAX Canada - 2021
  • #2 – Residential Team Commissions (Large Team) for RE/MAX Canada - 2021

Jon Cheplak

Transformative Leader in Real Estate Coaching

Jon Cheplak stands at the forefront of the real estate industry as one of the most sought-after leadership and productivity coaches. With a career that spans decades and a track record of adding billions in sales volumes to real estate teams and companies globally, Jon’s approach to coaching is both revolutionary and results-driven.

Jon’s journey in real estate began in 1987, working for his mother’s small real estate company. His early experiences taught him the importance of consistent prospecting and grit. After facing initial struggles, he turned his fortunes around through relentless door knocking, cold calling, and working expired listings and FSBOs. These foundational experiences laid the groundwork for his success and shaped his philosophy of perseverance and hard work.

A knack for leadership emerged early in Jon’s career when he took on the training of new and struggling agents, which led to significant improvements in their performance. This success caught the attention of larger real estate companies, eventually leading him to manage and exponentially grow a highly productive office. His remarkable achievement of increasing closings from 1,000 to 1,483 in a market up only 13% in his first year established him as a formidable leader in the industry.

In his role as General Manager and Executive Vice President for a multi-state, multi-office real estate company, Jon demonstrated his ability to attract and retain top talent. He successfully transitioned a group of agents generating $7.2 million in annual commissions to his company, underscoring his expertise in recruitment and retention even before the advent of advanced technologies.

Jon’s passion for helping others succeed in real estate led him to establish himself as an elite business coach. His methodologies are rooted in practical, actionable strategies rather than theoretical concepts. He emphasizes that productivity and success in real estate require continuous effort, commitment, and the willingness to embrace a proven system.

Jon’s impact extends globally, with clients across Europe, Asia, South Africa, Canada, and the U.S. His ability to deliver tangible results has earned him the reputation of being the “go-to guy” for top real estate teams and companies aiming to grow and operate profitably. His strategies have been instrumental in transforming businesses by focusing on recruiting and developing agents who are productive and deeply committed to their teams.

A hallmark of Jon’s coaching is his no-nonsense approach. He is clear that success requires hard work and dedication. He advises against seeking quick fixes or “magic pills,” instead advocating for a mindset of grit and courage. Jon Cheplak’s commitment to excellence and his proven systems have significantly impacted the real estate industry. His ability to consistently deliver results, coupled with his dedication to the long-term success of his clients, cements his status as a transformative elite leader in real estate coaching.

Carmen Morin

Elevating Expertise Through Performance-Based Instructional Design

Carmen Morin is the Chief Learning Office of Justin Havre Real Estate Team. As an educator, entrepreneur, and instructional design strategist, she's known for her ability to transform established leaders and business owners into global thought leaders through performance-based education. With a robust background in performance-based education, Carmen's mission is to help individuals productize their life’s work, expanding their impact on a global scale. She teaches the Principles of Practice and emphasizes the power of intentional talent development to achieve these goals.

Carmen’s expertise is deeply rooted in her extensive leadership experience in the performance-based education industry. Her approach is grounded in practical results rather than theoretical concepts, ensuring that her strategies are both actionable and effective. This pragmatic methodology has enabled her to build and sustain a solo-owned, multiple seven-figure education business, which continues to deliver world-class quality services at scale. Combining her skills in education, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing, Carmen has a proven track record of successfully transitioning traditional educational institutions into the online market. Her unique ability to integrate these diverse perspectives allows her to provide comprehensive strategies that elevate educational programs to new heights.

As an instructional design strategist, Carmen excels in creating performance-based training and curriculum development. She leverages her expertise to design programs that not only enhance thought leadership but also positively impact the bottom line of businesses. Her curriculum designs are tailored to maximize learner engagement and effectiveness, ensuring that the educational experiences are both meaningful and impactful.

Carmen’s approach to instructional design is holistic, encompassing the development of comprehensive training programs that cater to the specific needs of her clients. She uses innovative techniques to ensure that the curriculum is engaging, effective, and aligned with the goals of the learners. Her dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in education is evident in the success of the programs she designs.

Her unique blend of education, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing expertise positions her as a leading strategist in performance-based training. Carmen’s ability to transform thought leadership into scalable educational products has made her a sought-after expert, helping leaders and business owners achieve their full potential on a global scale.


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