I'm Justin Havre


I'm Justin Havre

I'm Justin Havre

Here's a little about my journey...

From farm life to $4 Billion in Sales:

The reputation of our business has grown through leveraging technology advancements.

Because of that many are often surprised to know that my roots are growing up on a small farm in Norway.

Born in a rural area not far from Oslo, my family's journey led us to immigrate to Canada when I was 13 years old. Adjusting to a new language and culture was a major challenge.

It wasn't until my late teens that I became fluent in English — you might still notice a hint of my accent if you listen closely.

The transition from farm life to Canada's third largest city, Calgary, was a significant shock. However, the challenges of this experience taught me perseverance and instilled in me a strong work ethic.

Fun fact: Like many entrepreneurs, my first job in Canada was waking up before sunrise to deliver newspapers and flyers.

With all the lessons learned at this stage of my career, I'm committed to sharing my experiences to empower those embarking on their own professional journeys.

Helping others to navigate their challenges with the lessons learned through my own path.

As an introvert, I naturally gravitated towards the tech industry at the start of my career. It was in this space where my fascination with the digital world took root.

This is what ultimately led to the creation of my online lead generation systems. The same systems that have become a cornerstone of our team's operations and are still relied upon to this day.

In 2005, driven by a passion for technological innovations and a growing interest in online marketing and sales, I made a pivotal decision to enter the real estate industry. My initial steps in this new venture were taken in partnership with my friend Mike Hannah (who continues to be an integral part of our team today).

Seeing the potential for where technology could meet fresh perspectives of customer service in real estate, I founded the Justin Havre Real Estate Team.

The goal? To revolutionize the industry through the power of digital marketing create a new standard in real estate services.

The company has flourished, growing from a modest team of five agents to a powerhouse of over $4 Billion in sales.

There have been many lessons learned. And we continue to embrace learning many more along the way.

I've always believed in the power of technology to enhance the relationships we can build through the client experience. 

What fills me with the most pride is not just the success of my business, but the significant impact we have made in nurturing future talent within the real estate industry. Our dedication to developing comprehensive training and development programs has paved the way for countless successful careers.

Real estate is a dynamic field that demands a mastery of various skills. The ability to:

  • Adapt to changing markets and consumer expectations
  • Have a thorough understanding of the evolving role of technology in our industry.

My team and I are deeply committed to fostering the growth, personal development, practical skillbuilding, and emotional awareness that agents need to succeed long-term.

This commitment to longevity and sustainable success is the driving force behind the creation of AgentDevelopment.com.

I'm investing in this platform to offer comprehensive support and resources to fellow real estate professionals. Helping you navigate the complexities of the industry and reach their full potential.

I'm glad you're here.

The real estate industry is filled with opportunities, but it can be a challenging journey to walk alone.

I look forward to supporting you through our programs and am eager to contribute to your success in every way possible.

You can get started by exploring our programs and resources, and subscribing to my free Friday Frameworks Newsletter. I'm unpack the many proven systems, frameworks and blueprints that I've tested and relied on scaling my business. As well as those that have made the difference in my own life. 

In the words of Winston Churchill, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: Its the courage to continue that counts."

Wishing you all the success,

Justin Havre


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