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Agent Training that Drives Production.

Talent is built, not born. Develop high-performance skills to fuel your real estate business.


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Agent Training that Drives Production.

Talent is built, not born. Develop high-performance skills to fuel your real estate business.


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87% of agents fail within the first five years. Many who pass this threshold live in feast and famine, often unsure where their next paycheck will come from.

Real Estate is a performance-based field. Yet, the majority of training is designed with a knowledge-based approach. This industry is not only about what you know - it's what you can do. The level you can execute.

Agent Development was born from the need for active development and quality education in our industry. After over 20 years as a leader in Real Estate, my greatest pride is in our ability to set agents up for long-term success in their careers.

Our performance-based training frameworks have grown our real estate team to a staggering $4 billion in sales volume. I've tested these systems in our own business as we've grown to the #1 Team in the world with eXp Realty (units closed).

Talent is something you can shape‚ÄĒbrick by brick‚ÄĒthrough active development.

I'm sharing the complete process and playbooks here, so you don't need to risk your time and resources guessing what works.

Join me inside Agent Development.

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"When you're a new agent in the business, it can feel like being thrown to the wolves. The classroom learning to get your license doesn't prepare you for how to find clients or maintain those clients throughout the years.

With this training, I've learned the exact systems to get clients but also how to maintain a continuous working relationship with them. I've built my career including my many repeat clients and referrals by following these systems."

- Christine T.

"After being an agent for over 25 years I can say without a doubt that the Justin Havre Team and their training is the best in the business.

You will learn so many high level skills through their training that you simply do not get anywhere else. It will set you up to succeed from day one.

If I had to start over or you are a seasoned agent and just wanted the best training and minds to collaborate with, this is the place to do it."

- Mike H.

"Starting out in the Real Estate business is intimidating, not knowing what to do or where to start. The real learning begins when you put the boots on the ground, get some experience and build a database.

How did I do that? By learning and surrounding myself with the best in the business. Embracing the tools, systems and processes with a clear path to follow is how I became one of the top agents on our team for many years and how I continue to grow. My client database, repeat and referral business is all thanks to the support, training and accountability that I have had with these frameworks from the beginning."

- Heather N.


Take control of your future and results with our comprehensive training programs designed for long-lasting success in your Real Estate career.

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Unlock your full potential with our world-class training and guidance. Proven strategies that have launched and sustained countless real estate careers. Gain the tools for growth and resilience in the real estate world.


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Access the proven frameworks, systems, blueprints and strategies that have propelled us to the forefront of the global real estate market. Take the direct path to scaling your organization into a world-class organization.


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